About Nicole

Nicole standing in front of her large and bright lobster painting at one of her gallery openings.

I am a painter working in acrylics, living in Exeter, New Hampshire who takes inspiration from the natural beauty around us and the textural stories told by aged and neglected things. 

In a society of slick, shiny and flat screen surfaces... as a painter, my inspirational subject matter seems to be intriguingly imperfect textural and aging structures. The telling of a silent history, trying to recreate or capture each character’s “story”. My job and my joy is not to replicate a photograph but to try to enhance the hidden character with paint. Through rust on an antique truck, peeling paint layers on barn boards, or the exposed wood grain pattern on old boats, buildings or furniture I have the freedom in painting to render what I find most interesting and hope to spark a reaction from the viewer to find these forgotten treasure seen in a new light.

How natural light illuminates these quiet moments and how paint and the tools of painting can construct these moments fascinates me. It's a new journey for me each time I paint. With every brush stroke and palette knife scrape that I am thrilled to share with others, I aim to give a storied voice to images that may go unnoticed otherwise.

Drawing since early childhood, gaining momentum through high school and then painting and absorbing art history influences in college; I have had a lifelong dream of painting full time. 

I have created 3 public murals. I have been commissioned for animal and human portraits, historic and sentimental house paintings and numerous other customer requested images. All of which have honed my skills and introduced me to a range of painting styles and mediums. I currently enjoy painting with acrylic for the ease of layering and rapid drying time. I find myself getting lost in the details of small additions to these images, such as rust patterns, nail holes, tacks or rope pattern and texture. I hope you enjoy these details and my work as you see these pieces in a gallery setting. Make sure to look again to gain appreciation of these quiet images.

I work primarily in my home studio, solely painting from photographs, many of which I have taken on trips around New England, New York and Virginia. I have also been lucky enough to have friends and family send their photographs of trucks to me, which I am happy to paint for commissions or simply for inspiration.  I enjoy the fact that friends now look for old trucks, barns and antiques as a source of joy and wonder, it is fun to share that moment with them and to share my work with you.

This journey means so much to me.


Thank you

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